A Matter of Time?

A Matter of Time?

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    Things are changing at such a rapid pace, and information seems to be proven, and then disproven at about the same pace.  It has been a bit frustrating, but also very interesting to see how things have been changing.  The pace of change is staggering right now, so just staying at the forefront is likely going to eventually result in the ability to recognize the benefits once the technology finally gets sorted out – but how long will that be?  Predictions?

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    I think a proven workflow for prescriptions is going to be the catalyst. There’s a lot of “throwing it at the wall to see what sticks” right now; but once someone shows a little ROI with repeatable methods, others will adopt.

    … I’ll now pass my magic 8-ball to the next taker! 😉

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    I think at some point you just have to dive in.  If you sit on the sidelines waiting for the “right” time or technology, you’ll stagnate by not gaining any experience.  I’m not sure the technology will ever get sorted out as the use cases of UAS are constantly expanding and there are plenty of niche markets.

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