"Rebirth" of the Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems

"Rebirth" of the Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems

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    Last night @curt and myself attended a kick-off dinner at K-State Polytechnic to “reboot” the Consortium for Kansas Unmanned Systems (CKUS) as a proper 501(c)(6) non-profit.

    A little background – In Oct. of 2013 this burgeoning organization had a very successful conference that was well attended – internationally, even! For a myriad of reasons, the organization lost direction and lay stagnant for a couple of years. However, under the guidance of KDOT, UAS-specific discussions and a summit were held last year where stakeholders were asking for the kind of professional organization CKUS originally sought to be. Well, it’s back! Here’s what happened last night in a nutshell:

    • Folks from K-state, KDOT, and Kansas Dept. of Ag were in attendance, as well as private business, individuals, and organizations looking to partner with CKUS
    • KDOT Director of Aviation, Merril Atwater announced that Kansas is actively seeking someone to fill the position of State UAS director – The first of its kind in the nation!
    • Articles and by-laws were approved that allows CKUS to start actively accepting members, and elect a board.

    Membership details are coming. I’ll be sure to post here. Menawhile, post any questions you have, and I’ll ping the interim board members to answer. Exciting stuff!

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