Any thoughts about the DJI m600 platform?

Any thoughts about the DJI m600 platform?

Welcome Ask Questions. Answer Questions! Multirotor Drones for Agriculture Any thoughts about the DJI m600 platform?

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    I’m calling it. DJI has won the drone war. Watched the intro videos for the m600 and the new flight controller last night.  Sensor agnostic gimbals, RTK, options for redundant GNSS, and six batteries? Add a 37 minute flight time, and the fact that you can pilot all this kit from the Go app? It’s hard to believe that we’re getting all this out of a modular, mass-produced system.

    What’s in store for ag applications with all the new bells and whistles? How would you use the m600? Can’t wait to learn more about this new platform!

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    Don’t get me wrong, I too see lots of positives (not the least of which is RTK).  But I can’t see adoption of the M600 being as wide as we might be expect based on its capabilities.  There are two reasons so many farmers and agronomists have bought the Phantom 3 … it’s priced right and it looks like a solid toy.  Any hexacopter, just by having 6 blades in that classic tall-legged hex shape, looks intimidating or even scary for a beginning user.

    That being said, anything requiring more lift … like a larger multispec array or a hyperspectral camera or lidar … would be well served by this flight platform.  Because of that, it will find quite an audience amongst the more advanced ag imagery service providers.

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    We certainly plan to get one and integrate our multispectral sensors! We have customers flying our sensors on the Matrice 100 but I know the extra flight time and the integrated flight planning on the 600 will be a big selling point, and only at a relatively small premium over the 100.  We’ll share our experience with our fellow AgFlyers!

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    Any news on when the m600 will be available in the U.S. ?

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      Looks like it’s already for sale! AMP has it listed, as does DJI direct, however shipping looks to be about a month out. It’ll be interesting to see how fast integrators can add that a3 comptibility to their software.

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