Would you Verifly?

Would you Verifly?

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    It’s now possible to procure drone liability insurance on demand.  Is this something practical for growers and agronomists?  Verifly lets the PIC procure $1million of liability starting at $10 for a quarter-mile radius for one hour.  Inherently, the geographic scope of individual policies could be problematic.  Truth be told, fields don’t always fit into a nice radial bucket, and coverage near airports is a no-go at this time. All this same, is this something y’all would consider using?

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    That is pretty interesting, I could see that being a solid money-maker.

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    Personally, I think this particular model wouldn’t be all that cost-effective for high volume pilots. That said, for the one-off you’d be sitting better than you would with nothing.  I will say after dinking with it a bit, that the uninsured areas could be restrictive for some; as there are places where a certified remote pilot could fly that they simply won’t insure.

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