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Issue No. 9 – 2016 in Review


First, thanks to everyone who helped us in our inaugural year here at AgFlyers! It’s because of your continued readership and suggestions that we’re able to deliver more of the kind of content that’s helping more and more ag professionals to take to air safely and responsibly!  Our reader base has grown since we began in spring; so we’re using  the ninth issue of AgFlyers to bring everyone up to speed by presenting the top posts of 2016!

In this month’s issue –

Best Practices to Stitch Crop Imagery

Wherever we go, we get questions about the “secret sauce” for returning consistent and complete aerial surveys. So it’s no wonder that this post by Beau is the most read on AgFlyers to date. Just like GPS technology before it, photogrammetry is [yet another] new skill set that the modern farmer must be familiar with!


UAVs After the Harvest: Flying Drones After the Growing Season

Growers and Ranchers have to be cost-conscious: It’s the nature of the beast. Nobody wants to buy a drone just to have it lying around in the shed during the months when there are no crops in the field. That’s probably why Curt’s piece regarding the possibilities for off-season flight struck a chord with so many of you!


UAS Jobs in Agriculture – Who’s Flying the Drones?

When we talk to prospective farmers (and sometimes the parents and grandparents of prospective farmers), one of the first questions asked is, “How do I get a job flying drones for agriculture?” Our most-viewed podcast is our chat with our Canadian friend Markus Weber of LandView Drones. In this podcast, we attempt to peer into the “workforce crystal ball” as we discuss where we see fly-for-service heading in a new age of properly regulated airpsace in both the United States and Canada.


More events for 2017!

We’ve got a big ol’ list of events here around the Northwest Kansas Area that we’ll be adding to the Events Page this month. Have an event from your neck of the woods that you’d like to share as well? Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, or use the handy form to right on the Events Page to leave us the 4-1-1! Your voice matters!

Issue No. 8 – Thinking Beyond Harvest

This month, the eighth issue of AgFlyers focuses on what we do best: Providing that spark of inspiration that makes you want to get out there and improve your methods in the pursuit of higher yields and increased efficiencies!

In this month’s issue –

Out of the Field: How to Measure Grain Stockpiles With a Drone

With the current volumetric software available, it becomes fairly turn-key to measure grain stockpiles with a drone to garner bushel estimates for planning and forecasting purposes!


Dealing with Big Data: How to Keep Drone Imagery Organized

Admit it: Your flight record is a mess. You can’t even find the good stuff you flew last week! Taking the time to classify and keep drone imagery organized in a proper storage system is an important offseason bit of busy work that can yield dividends down the road.


Can a Patented Drone Sensor Improve Land Management?

Our Guest for this edition of the AgFlyers Podcast is Matthew Barre, of SLANTRANGE. Matt’s company thinks that their Patented Drone Sensor makes all the difference; and he’s here to tell us why!

Issue No. 7 – Moving forward with a plan.

In this month’s issue –

Special shout-out to AgFlyers member Tim Foster of Wray, Colorado for his fantastic photo gracing the front cover of AgFlyers this month. We’ll be sending Tim an AgFlyers t-shirt as a thank-you for his photographic prowess! If you’ve got photos you’d want to share too, we’d love to see ‘em. Leave us a note on Twitter or Facebook, and who knows? You might be featured next!

Issue No. 5 – Prevention, Professionalism, and Payloads

In this month’s issue –

Of note: We’ve had some “growing pains” with our forums. I know there have been a few folks unable to post after logging in. We think we have the problem licked, but we need your help to verify. Having problems still? Don’t be afraid to speak up! Leave us a note on Twitter or Facebook!


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