UAS Jobs in Agriculture – Who’s Flying the Drones?

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The rules are in place now in North America that can define UAS jobs in agriculture with certainty.

Aug 9, 2016

In this edition of the AgFlyers Podcast, Curt and Beau talk with Markus Weber of Landview, an agriculture-focused UAS sales and service provider in Edmonton, Alberta.  Farm operators, agronomists, and aerial service providers have each shown interest in flying unmanned aircraft systems as part of their business model. Does one profession best lend itself to being the anchor for UAS jobs in agriculture or is there room  behind the controls for everyone? Have a listen now, or download and digest at your convenience!

Extra kudos to Markus for coming prepared and allowing us to use his presentation for the podcast – and apologies are likely in order as we probably butchered it! 🙂  

Unsure if drone operation fits your business model? There’s probably someone on the AgFlyers forums that can help with that question!

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